The Big Almost — Mouth

Design for Swedish/Norwegian band The Big Almost and the LP Mouth, 2013.

Klabbes Bank — Z

Design for Swedish jazz band Klabbes bank and the album Z. LP and CD, 2015.

Listen to album here.

Klabbes Bank

Design, including heavy image editing, of the album Protect the Forest by Swedish band Klabbes Bank. Photos by Sebastian Kirppu.

Kris Gordon

Design, retouch and illustration for the digital self-titled EP by Swedish band Kris Gordon.


Retouch and layout for article in the soccer magazine Offside.
Art Director: Kristofer Öste.

Röhsska 3

Retouching and additional layout for the bookazine Röhsska 3.
Graphic Design by Camilla Lindahl, Röhsska museet, Photos by Mikael Lammgård, Röhsska museet.

Jacon 2009

Graphic design and photo for the album 2009 by Jacon.