Kent Lindfors

Exhibition catalog including visual identity for the exhibition about artist Kent Lindfors, Gothenburg Museum of Art, may–sept 2016.

The Big Almost — Mouth

Design for Swedish/Norwegian band The Big Almost and the LP Mouth, 2013.

Friction of Ideas

Exhibition identity for Friction of Ideas: van Gogh, Gauguin, Bernard – Gothenburg Museum of Art, 2014

Klabbes Bank — Z

Design for Swedish jazz band Klabbes bank and the album Z. LP and CD, 2015.

Listen to album here.

Say What

Graphic design for the game Say What by Ninja Print, 2015.

Röhsska butik & showroom

Visual identity for Röhsska museum’s own products featuring a pattern inspired by the facade of the museum building. Developed in close collaboration with Camilla Lindahl, graphic designer at the Röhsska museum.

Main concept for the Röhsska museum shop

Main concept for the Röhsska museum shop — pattern and placement of logo.


The pattern design is based on one of the bricks of the museum building’s facade.


Album artwork for Swedish band Skansros. Photos by Robin Jonsson.

Surrounding Bacon & Warhol

Identity for the exhibition Surrounding Bacon & Warhol at Gothenburg Museum of Art. The case included a catalog, folders, posters, invitation card and flyers.

Japanska träsnitt

Design of Japanska träsnitt ur Röhsska museets samlingar — a book about the japanese woodblock prints from the Röhsska museum collection. Written by Kerstin Lekholm, conservator at Röhsska museet.


Graphic design of Story – a board game based on photos and storytelling. Photo editor: John Wennerberg. Visit Ninja Print for more details.

Bli modedesigner

Design of booklet featuring paper dolls with outfits from the Röhsska museum collection. Paper doll illustrations by Annika Andersson, Röhsska museet.

Modets bildvärldar

Design of the fashion history book Modets bildvärldar, produced and released by Röhsska museet. Editors: Bia Mankell and Per Dahlström

August Strindberg

Identity for the exhibition August Strindberg at Gothenburg Museum of Art. The case included a catalog, folders, posters, invitation card and flyers.

Klabbes Bank

Design, including heavy image editing, of the album Protect the Forest by Swedish band Klabbes Bank. Photos by Sebastian Kirppu.

Oskar Hanska

Artwork and logo design for the album Krokodiltårar by Swedish spoken word poet Oskar Hanska. Photos by John Wennerberg.


Retouch and layout for article in the soccer magazine Offside.
Art Director: Kristofer Öste.

Röhsska 3

Retouching and additional layout for the bookazine Röhsska 3.
Graphic Design by Camilla Lindahl, Röhsska museet, Photos by Mikael Lammgård, Röhsska museet.

Jacon 2009

Graphic design and photo for the album 2009 by Jacon.